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IntraManagements is an innovative and rapidly growing full-service IT consulting firm. We provide our clients with proven technologies and the know-how to apply them to their individual business models. We take preventive measures in order to recognize and address problems before they develop.

Look to our experts for strategic IT guidance, management, and support that allow you to take your mind off technology and concentrate on your core area of business. IntraManagements provides cost-efficient solutions that simply work.

We’re connected. The success of your IT company is also due in part to its strategic alliances and partnerships. IntraManagements has cultivated relationships with some of the major industry players to provide you a complete technical support team.

Josef Kocarek


Josef has a Masters in Computing and Automated Systems Engineering. As owner and founder of IntraMangements, Josef brings over 28 years of professional knowledge and experience to the IT Service Industry. His expertise is on an international level and spans both the American and European marketplace. He began his career working in the field of Technology Service Management in Vienna, Austria before making his home in Maryland in 1998. Josef is adept at analyzing intricate computer platforms and has worked on complex IT projects. As head of IntraMangements he brings that same expertise in problem solving to assist in all levels of client projects.

Kim Poston

Director Business Development

As Director of Business Development, Kim is involved in all aspects of our company's organization, growth and development. She brings strong consultative and strategic skills, assisting upper management in critical operational decisions. She also continues to serve as Senior Account Rep within our Medical and Law Division. Kim is a vital asset to the overall growth and development of our company.

Istvan Schunck

Senior Engineer

Istvan has been with IntraManagements since 2010 where he began as one of our key Technical Service Personnel. He has since been promoted to position of Sr. Office Manager where he is able to utilize his expertise in workflow management, customer support and problem solving. Istvan is a specialist at Microsoft and Google integration projects.

Paul Nye

Senior Engineer

Paul is one of the founding members of IntraManagements and brings over 20 years of technical, marketing and project management experience to our clients. He is the founder of our VOIP division, developing and implementing state of the art phone solutions to meet our clients growing needs. His in-depth approach to project research and actualization ensures a solution that works right, from start to finish.

Patricia Hemric

Public Relations/Client Support

As a Public Relations and Business Communications Professional with a background in Engineering, Patricia brings a wide range of knowledge & experience gained in the Info-Tech, Financial, and Human Service industries. Prior to coming on board with IntraManagements, Patricia held an Executive Management position with Arbonne International. She is highly skilled in all areas of Public Relations, conflict identification/resolution. In her position at IntraMangements she interfaces between computer engineers, support personnel, and technical managers to monitor project status and achieve deliverable goals.

Paul Kempa

Custom Software Project Manager

As Custom Software Project Manager for IntraManagements, Paul brings over 10 years of experience in the field of software development. Software developed for our customers brings the newest custom-made technology right to your desktop, tablet or smartphone.
Paul is known for his streamlined thinking and expertise. When you find yourself in need of a quick and precise solution to a unique problem within your company, Paul has the skills and ability to implement your vision!